I Protest


Satire Alert

Satire – trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit folly


You know what I can’t stand? Professional sports fans, especially the ones who go to games. I mean, here we are almost at the end of another NFL season, and do you want to know what is going to happen either in Atlanta or in Boston after the Superbowl? One team will win, and fans are going to run in the streets and inevitably cause damage!

Some will be involved in crime and vandalism. There likely will be fights between Falcons and Patriots fans. (Did you know a Giants’ fan was put in an ICU from last year after a group of Dodgers’ fans pummeled him at a game in Los Angeles?) Almost every game – no exaggeration – in any sports league people are robbed. In Philadelphia once, they put a court in the stadium to convict criminals in real time at the games! Plus, I have seen pictures on Facebook about how degenerate, drunk, and desperate these professional fans are.

Our tax dollars are going to have to be used to clean up the trash they’re going to leave all over the place. Plus, our tax dollars are going to be used for all the police, medical personnel, and sanitation workers. Why do we have to help pay so these grown children can go and show their support for their teams?! What a waste!

End of Satire

Why is my above rant silly? Because we all know that when large crowds gather together, some people will misbehave. It reflects little on the games or the overwhelming majority of fans. The cost borne by society is well worth it for the entertainment value to a large portion of people.

So why the satire? I can’t believe the frequent negativity I have seen on social media regarding the Women’s March this past weekend. People make jokes and memes and often serious comments that are no more logical than my trying to indict all sports fans on the basis of the misdeeds of a few.

Some of the stories are blatant lies. My favorite is that at one of the women’s marches, the marchers were told to put their signs in one location so they could easily be cleaned up. The picture got spread with captions about how the women obviously didn’t care much for the environment since they dumped all their signs “all over the street.”

We have some rather significant divisions in our society. Let us rejoice that when people disagree, they don’t pick up guns, by and large, but peacefully protest. You don’t need to agree with every protest to see the value in overwhelmingly non-violent ones.

What I would protest is trying to diss any protest by seeking out and pointing out the misdeeds of a small (sometimes paid opposition) minority. If you disagree with the issues of a march, say why. Don’t try to discredit peaceful protests. Much of the world would give a leg to freely protest. Our own Founders believed that the rights to freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of speech are so important that they are enshrined in the Constitution. And some things we really appreciate about our society today started with marches. They’re as American as apple pie.

What do you think?


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