Every year everyone in the Air National Guard takes a physical fitness test.  Part of this test involves running a mile and a half in a certain amount of time (depending on your gender and age).  I have been running a great deal lately to prepare.

Being in my fifties, I also try to run at night.  I live in the south.  Night running means it is significantly cooler and I don’t have to worry about sun exposure (I hate putting on sun block to run, wearing hats, etc).  And since there are no lit running tracks near me, I run on neighborhood streets that aren’t too busy.

What it makes me appreciate more and more is how little power I have in regard to most on the road.  Most are either on bikes, motorcycles, cars, or trucks.  Even those on bikes are moving ten miles an hour faster than I am.  Cars, motorcycles, and trucks even more so.  I can’t just think of running as I run.  I have to be perpetually aware of others on the road (and get out of their way!).

I wonder, when we live in cultures that have much more power, much more money, and many more resources to tap into – how much this is like how smaller countries, ethnic groups, and even individuals experience trying to deal with us.  I wonder how much it parallels with what the poor experience trying to access services that I take for granted.  I wonder how much this is like for someone who happens to be born elsewhere when disease, natural disaster, or personal tragedy strikes.  I wonder if this is how it feels when one (or someone one loves) is diagnosed with a difficult disease or has a major injury and all the healthy people keep flying on with their healthy lives, almost totally unaware.  Bigger and more powerful forces keep flying by when you are worried about your own problem.

I know this – Jesus saw the people and peoples society tends to fly by, and we as God’s people should too.  God cares about people who struggle in the midst of great forces.  God is not so impressed with the powerful and strong of this world.  God cares about his people and God’s love is not based on how important our society or our world rates us.

As we evaluate who we are and who we are called to be, let us care as God cares.  And may we remember God cares about us not matter how big or small we are as we travel down the road of life.

Until next time,




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