Division – Human Style


You might think I would be getting pumped up for all the upcoming movies and TV series.  We’ve got Batman v. Superman, the Marvel Civil War with headliners Iron Man and allies squaring off against Captain America and allies, and Netflix’s Daredevil v. some uber vigilante.  But, more and more, I see my father in me.

When I was a kid, I used to ask my father if he was going to watch Marcus Welby, Doctor Kildare, General Hospital, or one of the other medical dramas.  And he would say, “Tom, I deal with that all day long, why would I want to watch it for entertainment?”  In much the same way, I know art (even comic book series art) helps us work through real life issues but I see enough division in the real world to want to go watch made up division (especially of the “good” guys).

Jesus Christ came to reconcile the world unto himself, scripture tells us.  Jesus was the peacemaker.  When the world threw the worst it could at him, Jesus took it and brought it to the next level.  It was not about defeating your opponent.  It was about making your opponent your ally and your friend.  The prodigal son doesn’t come home to displace the elder son who was obedient.  He came home and through the love of his father was meant to be a brother again.

We live in a time where we are urged to pick sides.  Let’s not.  Let us be God’s people.  Let us be against division.  Let us come together and stop trying to pick the right team to be on.

I know many of my friends will go and enjoy the upcoming comic feast.  But I’m going to skip it personally.

How do you think we can come together more as a society?

Until next time,





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