Dr. Who, CSI, and Biblical Characters

I am a late comer to the Dr. Who universe  I really started watching, in the past four years, a series that is fifty plus years old.  But, I have taken in a fair amount in four years.  I am familiar with all of four of the recent doctors, taken in some of three more, and hope to catch up on the rest in time.  My spouse, who was born in Scotland and followed Doctor Who on and off through her life is more into CSI of late.  She catches up on episodes when she can.  She says, it is less the crimes than the characters she finds interesting.

So, what does all this have to do with Biblical characters? I think a major challenge we have in the church, as technology progresses, is that people today can get to know fictional characters in much more depth and complexity than the Biblical text can convey.  Think of Dr. Who or CSI and imagine how much you would know any of the characters in those stories if you were limited to the amount of text that the Bible devotes to most characters.  If a picture tells a thousand words, how much more does multiple seasons of a television series give us the chance to understand a character?  Also, as my spouse points out, the worlds of modern fictional characters are often more real to us than the ancient societies portrayed in the Bible.

Of course the Bible does have the perpetual advantage is that it is dealing with something very real versus the fictional and it is inspired by God. But, I think preachers and teachers have to push themselves today more than ever to help build up three dimensional Biblical characters as we tell their stories and immerse ourselves in their world as we help build a better bridge to our own. As television producers keep upping their game in telling stories, we in the church need to do so as well.

Because, in the end, as much as I like Dr. Who, or my spouse likes CSI, we need those Biblical characters more than ever to help to be our lens through which we weigh right and wrong in our world and help us to understand and get closer to our Creator.

What do you think?

Until next time,



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