Sin Masquerading as Technological Advancement

I heard a report yesterday on the misuse of modern technology.  The BBC report explained that many corporations now tell their employees to download applications through which they can give kudos or make complaints against their fellow employees.  In some of these corporations, it is well known that those rated in the lowest ten percent of ratings by their peers are regularly dismissed.  It takes little imagination to see what human nature will do with such technology.  It surely is going to create modern day bullying. The “in crowd” will choose who to rate lowly to safeguard their own jobs.  The danger for abuse is high.  

This morning, my wife forwarded me a link warning me against what appeared to be a calculator application that is popular with young people.  How is this bad?  It really isn’t a calculator at all.  It allows you to punch in a code and then store pictures on your phone outside the phone directory. Parents can pick up their child’s cell phone, and it may appear to be clear, but in reality it isn’t.  And without the code, the parents will have no idea what pictures are stored on their child’s phone (but be assured the cell phone company knows). They could send out photos of a test or of themselves. Children may think that they can covertly send pictures back and forth, but often such “secret” pictures end up in public and, again, the cell phone companies and law enforcement still are watching (and arresting both children and adults) for pictures sent on smart phones.

Finally, companies are now offering, or even requiring, employees to take a work cell phone.  What’s so bad about this? The work cell phones have tracking technology, which tracks the employees both on and off the clock. Most employees wouldn’t want their employers tracking their every movement during the day.  And who in the world would want their employer tracking every step you take on your own time?  The danger to vulnerable employees is significant.

The real issue, the perpetual issue these days, is that technology is making us more and more powerful, but there is no corresponding spiritual growth.  Indeed, it can be argued in many cases we have been spiritually regressing of late.  The need for safeguards against human misconduct grows each day.

The technological genie is out of the bottle.  There is not going back to simpler days.  It, therefore, means that we cannot treat our spiritual lives casually.  We need to sharpen ourselves and become better Christians than our parents and grandparents ever were.

Stay alert.  Stay aware.  Draw close to God and God’s Word, which shows us how to live in right relationship, respectfully and lovingly, with each other.  And stand for what is right in this rapidly changing age.

In Christ, Tom


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