Getting Out of the Woods


Earlier this year, my family and I traveled to Meeman-Shelby state park in Tennessee and had a great time.  But one of the activities we decided to do was to get on a hiking trail that wound through the woods.  We later learned that the entire trail was four miles but we found about two miles into it that everybody was getting uncomfortable (insects, heat, didn’t bring enough water, temps in the 90s, etc.).  All of a sudden my wife heard a noise in the distance to our side which she recognized as the park swimming pool.  We were able to scale a cliff and get back out into the sunlight.  We still had to hike back, but in far more comfortable surroundings.

As we look at the international situation, our country finds itself in uncomfortable positions.  Maybe personally we are in a place where we are no longer comfortable. But the path going in both directions seems long and difficult.

Maybe if we trusted our feelings and what that still small voice is calling us to do, there is a way out of this mess much sooner than we expect.  A simple question of, “Would my parents/children/friends be proud of me for doing this?” is something we should be regularly asking ourselves.  Is what we are doing now (or planning to do) what we want to be known for as time goes on?

Doing the right thing may not be as hard as it sometimes seems.  It doesn’t mean there is a quick fix but there are more options than we often think there are.

We can get out of the woods.

Until next time,



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