It’s a Boy

Tina Brown, editor of the Daily Beast and Newsweek, gushed at the birth of the new prince in the U.K., “Kate Middleton, once again, does the perfect thing.”  What was the ‘perfect thing’?  It wasn’t having a baby, it was specifically having a baby boy.  After weeks of royal baby cams and the last 72 hours of coverage on tv and the internet, it was the proverbial straw that broke my “camel’s back” of silence on the topic.

I just find the obsession in the U.S. with his birth – odd.  First, our nation was founded on the basis of trying to steer away from royalty.  The logical thing would be for Americans not to be interested in the royals whatsoever.  But, the perpetual reality is people aren’t logical (and many don’t know the history to boot).  We may not have them ourselves, but our nation loves royalty and tries to substitute celebrity for it all the time.  Second, our heritage as a nation is diverse.  We might think all this attention comes from our being a former British colony but the territory that comprises the United States was also a French colony, a Spanish colony, a Dutch colony, and even a Russian colony at various times.  Our peoples come from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East as well as Europe in general and the British Isles in specific.  And, again, we collectively pay little attention to what goes on socially all those countries today compared with our British counterparts.  For me, this is natural as much of my personal heritage is from the United Kingdom and I am married to a Scot. But for our society as a whole to be this focused on just one birth internationally…I just find it interesting.  I mean, on NBCNews.Com, they even had a flashing banner headline announcing the type of delivery that Ms. Middleton had.  I think this probably would put off even our British cousins for our lack of respecting just a little of her personal privacy.  And then, to top it off, people (Tina Brown is not alone) are praising Ms. Middleton for having a boy (as if she had some type of control over this) or, even more importantly, as if somehow boys are more important than girls.

We walk around with cell phones in our pockets with which we can communicate with the other side of the planet in minutes and can even fly to such places in hours (all technological marvels of our 21st century world) but our minds are collectively living much further the past sometimes.

I will pray for the new prince.  I hope he has a wonderful and successful life.  But I just hope we can develop a little more excitement for all the other babies being born worldwide (many of whom are being born into much more challenging circumstances).  And I hope that we leave a sustainable world for them all and that we have taught them the most important things are that they are loved and they were created to love others.

What do you think?

Until next time,



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