Putting God Back in the Storm


A natural reaction to yesterday’s tornados in Jefferson Parish would be to say, “Well, in the end, God had nothing to do with them.  Weather conditions were right. It formed a tornado.  For those unlucky enough to be in its path, it is sad for them (property damage but blessedly in this case – no injuries or loss of life).  But a tornado is not a faith based issue.  It’s a meteorological phenomenon, that is all.”  But what if God was in that storm yesterday?

Elijah, at a down moment in his life, experienced God on a mountaintop.  But it wasn’t in the wind, or the earthquake, or the fire that he found him.  He heard God in the still small voice.  There were many small voices I heard yesterday giving safety directions, talking, consoling, singing, story telling, and praying together.

I see God not in the sending of the tornados.  There were natural phenomenon.  But God was in the storm, in its very path, in his people who were threatened.  And I do believe God made a difference, in how we responded to the storm, and maybe even on how the storm responded as well.

I give thanks for the many people I saw working together through this brief but strong little storm.  And I give thanks that God was with us.

What do you think?

Until next time,



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