Ministry Multiplier: Stephen Ministry


One of the real blessings I have found as a pastor is the Stephen Ministry program. When I first heard of Stephen Ministry, a program of trained lay professionals who offer care to people going through challenges in life, I was a little hesitant. I honestly thought, “Wait. Isn’t it my calling to help such people?” And, of course, it is.

But what is equally true is that pastors should be equipping Christians for ministry. On top of this, from a practical standpoint, a minister would have a hard time doing all this alone. A group of Stephen Ministers can meet with a lot more people and help them work through their life situations.

Stephen Ministry programs are not meant to compete with the pastoral care a pastor gives. Instead, it enhances it by getting more lay leaders involved in care-giving within a community and allows the pastor to focus on other cases.

It is for this reason that I am excited that Parkway is going to be able to host a one-day information seminar on the values of Stephen Ministry and how a congregation can start one. If will be on Saturday, April 27. To register for this event, simply call our church office. We will have one of our Stephen Ministers call to answer any questions you may have and to send a packet to you. There is no limit on how many individuals a congregation can send, but we need to know numbers in advance for planning purposes.  The church office number is (504) 733-1644.


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