It’s Time

It is time that we as a society deal with the fact that we do not have an adequate system in place to guard against people who are unstable having easy access to firearms.  After the tragedy in Connecticut today, there will be those who call for many firearms to be made illegal.  There are others who will say, “People kill, not guns” and do want to do anything to infringe on our rights to own a gun.  Clearly, there needs to be a middle ground.

We, as a society, regulate the driving of automobiles.  Adults and older teens can, after taking a driver’s education course, go out and get a license.  After showing proficiency, they can drive.  Every year, they have to show that their car is still in good working order.  Every three or four years, they personally need to get their license renewed.  And if you want to drive a vehicle that is larger and more powerful than a standard car or truck, you need a different license to drive that.  Maintaining proper licenses for such vehicles requires a little more work than the average car or pickup truck.  Every older teen and adult can get such licenses.  And the authorities can judge whether a person and the mental and physical facilities to drive the vehicle they are requesting the license for.

My question is why do we regulate who can drive and what they can drive with such diligence but do not do so with firearms?

I believe people in our society have a right to bear arms.  But I do not believe that right means that we should exercise that right with little to no oversight.

May God’s peace reach the hearts of every parent from that elementary school.  We grieve with you and pray that God helps you to bear the unbearable.

And may we as a nation find a way to stop the evil and pathologically insane.

What do you think?

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Tom – as I turned off the TV after watching a special news report on the shooting you referenced – I thought that I would email and ask that you write something about this tragedy. I wanted to hear what you had to say.

    Then as I checked my email, I see that you have.

    With reasoned words you suggested that we as a Country control better who can and cannot own guns. I like your analogy of the automobile.

    Automobiles are everywhere in our society. Though, interestingly, they themselves are proscribed by regulations and laws. Driving is a privilege (ah here is the rub) and who can and under what conditions drive is regulated.

    Yes, it is time that we as a nation translate this for guns and gun ownership.

    I say Amen Pastor.

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