A Glimpse into the Faith of the Two Candidates

This will be a short post as what I hope to do is get readers to read some other blog posts.  I found a fascinating interview conducted by a local reporter with Barack Obama about eight years ago.  In it he discusses his faith at length:


I could not find the exact equivalent for Mitt Romney but found two interesting articles on the topic:



I find all of this interesting but I do want to quickly some thoughts on this post:

— Over the years, I have worked with many people of many different faiths, and lack thereof, and the quality of their work and the relationship I had with them did not parallel with the religious beliefs I ascribe to.  There are many Jews, Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Latter Day Saints, etc. that I would vote for over some Presbyterians I have known (although I have known some pretty great Presbyterians too!).

— I do not post this to try to get anyone to vote for one candidate over another.  I just think it is important for us to know as much as we can of the two men running. 

— Most of all, I hope it generates these questions in the reader’s minds:  “How would I answer these questions” or “What would people write about my faith if I were running for office?”

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the Faith of the Two Candidates

  1. Tom, a timely post written in a way not to reveal your opinion. I like the encouragement to discover for ourselves the religious practices and beliefs of the two Presidential candidates.

    In this spirit I’ll not reveal my our views.

    However, I believe that the way one sees and treats others is far more important than the way one worships their god.

    1. Thanks George! I wish we had had more time together when you all were here. I also hope one day to visit you in your neck of the woods. 🙂

  2. Good articles! Thanks for posting them. I’ll make things interesting here….full disclosure:
    I am having a hard time deciding on a candidate. For Christians, I think it’s healthy for us ‘not’ to decide as a body which candidate to vote for. Further, as long as our great nation sticks to its principles of separation of Church and State, we will maintain our religious freedom.

    Beyond that, we should decide individually how to vote. Discussion is healthy, but coercion will divide us.

    Romney: On some levels, I admit I find it hard to vote for a Mormon. Theologically, I have some serious concerns with their faith. However, outside of theology, many Mormons are really kind people and do a great deal to help others and build strong families. But, in the end, I go back to ‘Separation of Church and State’. I have to tell myself it shouldn’t matter which faith my president is, as long as he/she affords my right to practice religion freely. If he/she has solid policies to run the U.S., then his/her religion should not affect me as a voter. Still, I find it hard because I am human, and admit I have bias.

    Obama: I believe him when he says he’s Christian. Who am I to judge? I think Matthew 7:1 says it best, and applies to this situation directly. One’s faith can only truly be known by God. Many people call themselves Christian and believe themselves to be Christian, but fall short – many of these folks are churchgoing Christians. When these people fall short, they still consider themselves Christian. So, if/when Obama falls short, why is it fair to question his faith?

    Both of these candidates support free exercise of religion and separation of Church and State. Now, the real question is…how do we get out of debt? =)

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