After my experience in Hurricane Isaac with the Air National Guard, I tuned in with renewed interest to the new post-apocalyptic show, Revolution.  The premise of the show, paralleling a famous scifi series of novels by S.M. Stirling, posits how much our lives would change without electrical power.  The show is supposed to be set five years after this permanent (or at least very very long) power outage.  Since I lived in such conditions for a series of days due to the recent storm, I was curious how it would be portrayed.

Sadly, I found Revolution, at least the premier, lacking in many ways.  Instead of a realistic wrestling with how modern human beings would have to adapt to such circumstances, it instead was full of implausibilities.  People’s clothes all look freshly washed and pressed.  Everyone had makeup on and there were few people with gray hair.  People were living in houses that were shown to be adapted for farming but not much else (modern houses would become unlivable with oppressive heat during summers and iceboxes in winter without significant adaptation.    Glasses and other fairly easily breakable objects showed little sign of wear.  Fighting was something right out of “Batman” or “the 300” (what I call choreographed dancing violence) versus realistic fighting.  To make a long story short, we get a television version of “the Hunger Games” (a popular teen post-apocalyptic novel which was better on character development than on realism).

So, what does this matter?  I think it is important for us to consider the many ways modern technology changes our lives (perhaps not always for the better) and even more importantly for us to consider that many of our brothers and sisters out there live “unplugged” every day of their lives in the 21st century.  And things we don’t even think about like clean water, sewage, food supplies, and transportation become big issues if anyone is ever “unplugged.”  What does it mean that our lives are so cushy when not so far away it is not so for others?  Are we comfortable with that?

I will blog more about Hurricane Isaac in future blogs.  But I know I notice things I hadn’t thought much of before (such as the cool air conditioned air currently blowing over my desk).  And can we use our experiences to be a blessing to others?

What do you think?

Until next time,



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