Useful Android Aps (at least for me!)

A little while back I got my first smartphone.  My wife now has it and I am on my second.  When I first got it, I reported what aps seemed most useful to me.  I wanted to report back in and let you all know over a year later which ones have worked out and which new ones I have found.  Here are my top 15:

1) Youversion:  A super little Bible reading app.  And as the name implies, you choose the translation you prefer.  It has a great tracking system too if your goal is to read through parts or all of the Bible.

2) Evernote:  It’s my electronic memory!  Once I get it on Google calendar, I am not going to miss it.  But sometimes I don’t have time to open up the calendar and enter the data (I am driving, I run into someone when I am away from my computer, I am in a rush, etc.)  Evernote to the rescue.  I can type in notes or even record them while I speak.  Later, when it slows down, I go through my Evernotes with Google Calendar in front of me.

3)  Google Calendar:  That keeps me aware of church, family, and Air National Guard info all in one stop shopping.

4) Gmail:  It remains the best email service in my view.

5) RunKeeper:  What YouVersion does for my Bible reading, RunKepper does for my physical fitness.  With GPS on the smartphone turned on, it tells me how far I have gone and how fast (every half mile as you run).  And it logs it all for me.

6)  Google Music:  iTunes is my preferred music program on my computers.  But since I don’t use an iPhone, this is the next best thing.  Google Music scans my iTunes library and uploads it.  It turns my smartphone into the ultimate iPod.  Google music is also often slightly cheaper than iTunes too if you buy from their store.

7) Nextflix:  If you subscribe to the streaming only option, it is not too expensive, you have access to a huge variety of movies and TV shows.  You just need to be careful only to use this function when you are in wifi.  We have a 2 Gig limit that we can’t exceed per month with Verizon.  The only thing I do that is data intensive is Netflix.  But again, it’s no issue if you are on a wifi network.  And now with a handy cable I got off ebay, I plug my phone into my TV and it works seamlessly.

8)  Facebook:  Let’s me keep up with my church and social connections from wherever.

9)  Road Ninja:  This is super when you are traveling.  Turn on your GPS function and it will tell you all the restaurants, stores, and gas stations near you no matter where you are.  No need to remember the directions off a billboard or hope that your favorite stops have a billboard.  It’s all there on your phone, and it will guide you to it just like a Magellan  or Tom-Tom in your car.

10)  Clock:  It’s my alarm clock for so many things. 🙂

11)  Google Drive:  You can’t store too much stuff on your phone?  Well you can on Google Drive and then access it from your phone.

12)  HP E-Print:  You must have an HP wireless printer to use this, but if you do, you can print anything (out of your Google Drive for example) from wherever you are.  And then when you get to work or home, it is there waiting for you.

13)  BBC News:  The best, least biased news service.

and now for my ‘old man’ apps…

14)  CVS:  Lets you scan in a current prescription(s) (I use prescription eye drops) and order them to a specific CVS without ever calling anyone.  It alerts you to any sales in the stores when you go.  It will display your CVS card to get the discounts so you don’t need to carry one in your wallet.

15)  AARP:  If you are a member, it too alerts you to discounts and will display your card.  But you can get this app even if you are not a member.  For everyone it offers a wide array of news and information of interest to those 50 and over.  But what do I primarily use it for?  It has the best set of radio stations of any App I have run across.  Music plays for twenty minutes and then a voice comes on thanking you for using the AARP app and then another twenty minutes of music.  No commercials.  I listen to classic rock station as I run directly off this app.

All of the above are free apps available in Google’s “Play Store.”

Hope this is helpful,

Until next time,



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