Hunger Games – Initial Reactions

Hunger Games, the hit novel and soon to be hit movie, follows a young heroine trying to survive in a dystopian future.  I am just about half way through the first novel but think with it being all over the news I’d post some initial reactions with absolute minimal spoilers.

I think the author has created a compelling setting – one in which there is a major divide between the rich city state and the subservient states, a world where food is used as a weapon of control, a world where the powerful make the less powerful pay with their own children, and a world where morality is all a haze where the populations of both the rich and poor watch teenagers fight to the death.  All of this has historical precedent.  The author is wise enough to wrap a love triangle into the middle of it, fashion, and even reality TV – all of which are all staple items of interest in pop culture.

What I am hoping for is some kind of moral response from the characters.  The central character has disgust and disdain for those in power but will that translate into action?  That is what I am hoping for.  I’ll have to wait and see.  So far (the games have already begun) there is no character yet who is refusing to kill, or at a minimum, kill only when threatened.  Perhaps a moral epiphany will happen.

I am most hopeful that the novel doesn’t turn its reader into the typical watcher of the games in the novel, just rooting for one teen over another in the killing spree.  If that’s all this becomes, “Hunger Games” will hold up a pretty terrible mirror to our culture.

I also must say from the outset that I have no plans to watch the movie.  It has nothing to do with the screenplay, actors, or the story.  It has to do with the fact that “Hunger Games” is produced by the studio “Lion’s Gate” who has made much money over the years producing the “Saw” series.  I said a long time ago, I will not support the studio that introduced “torture porn” to our culture so the movie, for me, is out.

I know there are many fans of Hunger Games out there.  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Hunger Games – Initial Reactions

  1. I’m not much of a science fiction fan, but I saw the movie this morning. It was very entertaining. I’m still sorting out what I think it means. It seems to have commentaries on military conscription, the red carpet treatment, American Idol, violent sports, the role of government, rebellion against the government, and non-conformists. I have not read the books, but I will see the other movies (which I’m sure will be made). I have not seen (and won’t see) any of the “Saw” movies. Not seeing those movies is my protest against the company. Lions Gate produced one of my favorite movies — “Second Hand Lions”.

    1. My question Raymond, and maybe it will take all three books/movies to answer, is whether she just raises the issues or provides comment on them in some way. I am now about 80% through the first book and cannot answer that question myself.

      I know I am a lone wolf in my protest against Lion’s Gate. I just find making money off of such movies [Saw, Saw 2, Saw 18, etc], and introducing the concepts to many impressionable minds, such an unethical action that I don’t want to have anything to do with them. By supporting better movies they are making, perhaps you are helping them make better decisions as a company. I don’t know. But, and again I know this might not be a popular idea, I think some things should be censored. If a movie/book/show has no redeeming value whatsoever, should somebody be able to make it with the only justification being that it is profitable? Selling crack cocaine is profitable but I am pretty sure it is a not good thing. 🙂

      Ah well. I’ll write a final review of Hunger Games when I finish the book.

      All the best,


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