Football 2012

Football news out of Louisiana has not been good in 2012.  Granted, that only a few actual football games have been played but, nevertheless, the news has not been good.  It started with the Saints losing in a very close playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers that they should have won.  We then saw LSU, coming in possibly with one of the best teams ever, play a very flat and uninspired national championship game.  This was followed with news of bad behavior by some fans after the national championship in the French Quarter.  And then, making the rest pale in comparison, we get “Bountygate.”  The latter paints a negative picture on the Saints all the way back to the Superbowl season.  It doesn’t matter to me that it didn’t make our defense particularly good.  It doesn’t matter to me if other teams engage in the same misbehavior.  It is just very disappointing that kind of the inverse of the Golden Rule was being applied by the team I have rooted for since I was a kid.  Even though I have watched both college and professional football since I was seven years old, I am ready for a break.  Of all years too.  This coming season is when the Superbowl is coming to New Orleans.  We were supposed to be rooting for the Saints to be the first team to have a “home” Superbowl.  I am sure almost everyone down here still will.  But I will leave it to others.

My solution is I am going to take a year off of football, at least the American version of it.  I will spend no time watching it or reading about it.  Instead, I am going to spend that part of my leisure time focusing on what the rest of the world calls football.  Soccer has always seemed a bit slower pace to me than American football but I am intrigued by the fact that for almost every other country, this is their national past time.  My kids now play it too.  I also hear there is an Argentine player right now who is supposed to be even better than Pele.  Perhaps now is a good time as any to learn this international sport.  But I have much to learn.  I only know the most simple basics of the rules and have no idea on strategy.  I don’t even know when the World Cup is scheduled.

We live in a fallen world.  Sin can get into everything, even football.  All I know is my appetite for American football has significantly reduced as of late.  Perhaps a year off will change my perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Football 2012

  1. OK – but I still think God will be rooting for the Saints. Doesn’t He accept us all – sinners and non-sinners alike?

    1. God surely does Chuck but, like us, I would think he’d hope for more from a team that chose that name. 🙂 I am waiting to see what the NFL comes out with after researching the case. Perhaps it is not so bad as it is being reported. Nevertheless, I think it will be good for me to take a “football hiatus.” 🙂

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