Back to the Books

One of my goals for 2012 is to do just what I see my children doing this time of year, and that is getting back to my studies.  It has been a little while since I was involved in formal study beyond short seminars. I am hoping to come out of 2012 having completed Air Command and Staff College in the military.  I want to increase my reading for classes I plan to teach at the church beginning in the fall.  I also need to start preparing to teach a marriage seminar which I will be leading this spring.  I have been here before and it would be easy to start getting worried.  How can I get this all done?  But I have been in similar places before in life and know you approach it like any journey, one step at a time.

It also is a good feeling in a way.  I know that many of the great life experiences I have had usually were preceded by times of preparation, some of them intense.  I might not want to go back in time and be having to read some of the books I did in college, or go through seminars I did in graduate school, or go through another presentation in Clinical Pastoral Education.  Yet, I would not trade any of those experiences for any amount of money.

Breaks like Christmas and New Years are good for us all.  Work resumes, as it always does, and it can easily fill our days.  But hopefully all of us will find time to learn and grow.  In large part, I think it is a central reason for why we are all here.

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