A Special Privilege

Seventy years ago today Pearl Harbor was attacked.  One of the real joys I have at Parkway is that all six of the regulars at the Wednesday night Bible study actively remember it.  For the four who ate with me tonight, I asked where they were when they heard the news.  They answered:

a) Was walking down the street and a newspaper boy handed him a paper with the news.

b) Another was in church and the minister said, “I need to change my sermon right now as I have just heard some news.”

c) Another was sick at home, lying on a sofa in her living room, and heard it over the radio

d) Another walked down his stairs on the Sunday morning and his World War I veteran father said, “Well, now we are at war.”  This is a gentleman who later fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

To me, it says something of their generation that they still gather, never too busy to study God’s Word.  The passage tonight was about joy and it was particularly powerful for them to say, especially on this anniversary, that they have been able to take joy with them no matter where the path of life led, because of their faith in God.

I know it won’t last forever but I will remember these days with a smile that I had the privilege of discussing the Bible with these good folks.

Until next time,



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