You Never Know When Those Moments Will Come

Sunday was a very busy day.  It was an Air National Guard drill day (where we are getting ready for a major inspection).  It was the third of four Sundays for the church’s Generosity Campaign.  And after drill, my wife and children came out with some good friends to the base to go bowling.  We went and enjoyed a nice dinner together after bidding our friend adieu.  My day wasn’t done yet though because I still needed to go back to the church to get our stewardship letter ready to be mailed on Monday.  When I pulled out of the church into the darkness, I would have thought that my important work for the day was done.  I still had one more pit stop though, I needed to go to the grocery.

After picking up the needed items, I went to the checkout.  There was no one in line.  The checker greeted me and noticed that I was in uniform (still from drill earlier in the day).  She said, “Oh my brother was in the Army.”  “Really?” I responded.  “What is he doing now?”  To which she answered, “Oh, they blew him up.”  “Who did what?” I asked confused.  “Oh, he was over in Afghanistan earlier this year.  It was his second trip over there.  He wasn’t even really supposed to go on that deployment but they needed him.  A week before he was to come home, they blew him up.”

Little would I have expected that the most important conversation of the day wouldn’t occur on duty or at church but at the supermarket.  We had a good conversation from there and blessedly, no one else showed up to check out while we were talking.

You never know when those moments, important moments, will come during the day – or night.

Until next time,



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