The Real Victory Portrayed in the Harry Potter Movie

If you have not seen the last Harry Potter movie (or read the last Harry Potter book) you’ll want to stop here.  But I want to point to where I saw the ultimate victory in the Harry Potter movie.  Was it when Harry sacrificed himself?  Was it when he chose to go back from King’s Cross station?  Was it when Harry realized Snape’s real intentions?  Was it when Voldemort pealed away to nothingness?  Nope.  It was none of these.

It was in the scene, fifteen years later, when an adult Harry Potter smiles and nods at Draco Malfoy, who no longer is an enemy, and he tells his son that it doesn’t matter if he chooses Gryffindor or Slytherin.  As Jesus himself put it, “I came not to destroy the world, but to save it.” While I wish Draco would have stayed on the right side during the climatic battle, it is clear that he was on a far different path as an adult from his parents or he himself had been on most of his life.  He who was lost was found.

Too often in portraying a battle of good versus evil in our pop culture, the good side is in the end too much like the evil side.  Real good seeks to save those on the other side.  Of course, those on the wrong path have to make the right choice.  We can’t make it for them.  And we do have to defend the good.  But what is in the hearts of those who are good is what ultimately matters.  Is it destruction and devastation or is it redemption and salvation?

For Christians, we often remember that Jesus defeated death itself.  But we also need to remember that Jesus is the one who prayed for those who put him on the cross.

We are involved in an epic battle, which Rowling points to symbolically in her story.  But it is a far different one than is often envisioned.

Harry Potter is a great storyline.  It will be interesting to see what the next one will be that will captivate a new generation.

Until next time,



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