When is it Coincidence (and When is it Not)?

Sometimes, I feel God must be trying to tell me something.  Last week, I spent an extra amount of time writing the sermon because I consider the passage (Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah) to be both pivot and difficult.  How do you proclaim this story which parallels so prominently with Jesus’ story and yet is very difficult to understand in our 21st century world?  I ended up writing it, re-writing it, and then preaching a different version of it (which I basically re-wrote in the 30 minutes before worship) as I struggled to get it right.  And in the end, I felt it went well.  The congregation was affirming, and Sunday was a good day.  But this blog post is not about the sermon topic itself but rather what happened afterwards.

Three times I have sat down at my desk with the specific purpose of altering my original written text to what I remember verbally preaching on Sunday so that I can post it.  And all three times someone has interrupted me with a much more important topic (three very different situations too).

So was it all a coincidence?  Should I buckle down a fourth time, re-write, and finally get it posted?  Or is this just one to let it ride and move on without posting?  I am choosing the latter.

Is this just my quirk, or do you think that God might sometimes be trying to tell us something sometimes?

Have you ever intended to do something multiple times and something always seems to get in the way?  Do you think God interacts with us like this?

Well, off to other topics at hand, which I suspect God does want me to focus on.

Until next time,



One thought on “When is it Coincidence (and When is it Not)?

  1. I know what you mean! But then when that happens, I further add to my frustrations by wondering if it’s God putting something in my way or if it’s the adversary. I would say though, in your case, since the things that interrupted you were ‘…much more important…’ perhaps it was a good thing. Maybe the context is to be considered. I think you’re on track.

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