Back to the Beginning

We are now ten years into the 21st century and our knowledge seems to be expanding exponentially these days.  Despite the onslaught of very loud and prolific atheists, most of the world’s population still overwhelmingly believes in God.  And despite the fractures that exist in the Church, Christianity is still the largest faith group on the planet.  But my question is how do we connect our 21st century experiences and knowledge with the foundational stories set forth in Genesis and Exodus?  How are we to approach stories of talking serpents, giant boats, wrestling with angels, and rivers parting (and closing) at opportune times?  Is Genesis and the opening of Exodus just something for children’s Sunday school or do these stories hold something for us?

If we are to put God first, we need to connect these stories with our 21st century lives.  They are the foundation upon which everything we believe rests.  Perhaps, whether they are literal or symbolic is not the real question.  The real question is what truth God related and is relating to us through these stories.

I challenge you to pick up Genesis and the first chapters of Exodus (up to the actual Exodus) and read them again this summer.  I’ll be blogging about them.  I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts too.

We might just find that there is nothing new under the sun and many answers we seek today are still right there.

Until next time,



One thought on “Back to the Beginning

  1. Hi Tom

    we have been working our way through Genesis and are now half way through Exodus at our Sunday evening services – with the themes being also run through the midweek meeting. It will take us 2 years to reach Revelation – supported by a book called The Essential 100; taking us through the Bible completely – but with meditations on 100 key passages.#

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