What if Dreams Come True?

I am currently reading a book that I picked up from the D-Day Museum.  It is called, “The Resistance.”  It was 75% off.  The reason I am sure it was thrown in the discount bin is because it was mistakenly ordered.  Instead of being about the French Resistance in World War Two, it is about a resistance movement in a dystopian future.    The plot revolves around the fact that scientists in this future have developed medicines so that people can live perpetually.  The cost is that no one can have children so they don’t run out of resources on the earth.  The resistance is the movement that doesn’t think that this is such a good idea.  Theologically, I think what is really interesting about the plot is that we in the church talk all the time about ‘eternal life.’ It is a a key concept in practicing our faith.  But what would eternal life really look like?  Hopefully it would be very different from that portrayed in the novel I am reading.

In a similar light, Nicholas Kristov, the editorial writer for the NY Times, wrote a column today about what our country might look like if  conservatives won out on every single political, social, and economic issue of the day.  It was an interesting read.  Of course, the same could be done if we envisioned what it would look like if liberals won out each and every time.

What both the novel and the article push me to fill in is what would it really look like if my dreams came true.  And in the end, I come to the conclusion that I might not be dreaming big enough.

What I think is lacking in so many of our dreams is God.  Not that God wouldn’t be out there to worship as God is now.  But rather, that God is the one really developing futures for us that are better than any of our dreams.  God’s ways are not our ways and God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.  They are even better.

We really exclude God in so many of our dreams.  We make God very passive.  We do this politically.  We do this economically.  We even do this in the church.  We spend great time and effort into our plans and goals being reached, often competitively against other’s plans and dreams.  But what happens when these are not God’s plans?

Perhaps what we really need to be open our minds to is how great God is and to trust that God’s plans are bigger than our grandest dreams.  God surely does want us to work for a better world and dream for tomorrow.  But let us never forget our plans need to fit in God’s even better plans.  And our God isn’t a passive God.

Until next time,



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