My Droid

A little over a week ago, I too the plunge.  I had considered getting a smart phone for awhile but the price and plans seemed to be prohibitively expensive to me.  But, competition and time always drives the prices down.  But what really knocked me over the fence to get one is a friend from my high school days had an extra phone he was willing to part with at a very generous price.  This opened the door to getting a smart phone without the two year contract.  I was in!

After these ten days or so with the phone, I am still amazed at what it can do.  I had heard of “apps” but it meant little to me without having a smart phone.  Well, after a week, this is what my “phone” can now do (and all these apps are free):

a.  With the RunKeeper application, I now can head off running with my phone and it will keep track of my speed and distance.  Gone are the days now of me having to stay on a measured out track to know when I have hit a half mile, a mile, and a mile and a half.  The application announces it as I run.

b.  With the Pandora application, I can ask for a “radio station” with my favorite bands.  There are little to no advertisements, just lots of music.  Combine this with the first application and I can run with music I like without having to have a separate ipod.  I can even run without headphones (now banned on my local base) because the phone uses its speakers to play the music.

c.  With the Gasbuddy application, I can now scope out the closest gas station with the lowest price.  It saves me now twenty cents per gallon with a quick check.

d.  With the Google Sky Map, I can go out at night, point my phone at a star, and it will tell me which one it is and, if I want, show me if it is in a constellation.  It is the astronomy tool I have always dreamed of!

e.  With my bank application, I can now scan checks, with my phone, and deposit them into my checking account.

f.  With my YouVersion application, I have six major translations of the Bible, on my phone.

g.  With the barcode scanner application, I can scan the barcode of any item and compare prices with other stores (and get more info on the product).

h.  With Tweetdeck, I can update Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

i.  With Nook, I can access every book I have on my Pandigital Novel.  Even though I wouldn’t read anything at length on the phone, if I am stuck somewhere, it is nice to be able to access my digital library.

On top of this, this droid packs a camera that is better than any digital camera I have used.

The quirkiest part of my droid is the actually phone functions but I am getting used to them.

It is like I have entered into the Star Trek universe, never expecting my phone to be able to do all this.  And believe it or not, there is a Tricorder app!  You turn this on and it will measure the intensity of the sun (or light source), sound, 3G signal, wifi signals, magnetic flux, amd exact GPS positioning.  Could Captain Kirk have wanted any more?

It surely makes me wonder what technology will exist when our children are my age.  And it makes me wonder if I can take all this information and make it a blessing to others.

Do you have a smart phone?  What do you think of them?

Until next time,



One thought on “My Droid

  1. Just got my Android last week…I’m discovering the many tools on it too. Trying to decide which apps to get! I have Angry Birds and some Live Wallpapers, but that’s it so far. I like the GasBuddy idea, and will probably try that soon.

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