New Vistas

I always joke that if I won the lottery, what I would do is become a professional student.  While my college, graduate school, and seminary experiences are filled with happy memories and experiences with many friends, what distinguishes those phases of my life is that they were times when a large part of what was expected of me was to read.  I was to see the world through other people’s eyes (and some pretty accomplished people at that), and relate and apply what I had learned.  Seminary in particular was a time for me when I felt I was climbing mountains and each peak showed me a larger world and all types of different views I had never considered before.

Nowadays, I look back and consider how blessed I was to be able to have those experiences (ones you don’t fully appreciate when you are going through them).  There are not that many opportunities for the bulk of the world’s population to spend much of a day reading.  Nevertheless, it is vital for us to take the time and make the time to read.  There are few better ways for us to grow as people than to spend some time seeing the world through other people’s eyes and sharing in their experiences.

Miriam Webster defines the word vista as, “a distant view through or along an avenue or opening.”

What distinct view will you choose in the coming months with your limited reading time?  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it and it affords a good view.

Until next time,



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