I am getting ready to take my children down to the Audubon Zoo which is getting ready to open another exhibit.  And while I know it will  be interesting, what I most often enjoy when traveling through Audubon Park is looking at the large majestic oaks.  I can remember those trees since when I was their age (and even younger).  They still give me a peaceful feeling.  I grew up climbing trees, had my own favorite tree (a Golden Rain in our front yard), and as an adult have planted trees in the yard of every home I have lived in since I got married.

Trees promote biodiversity, produce oxygen, and combat the greenhouse effect through carbon sequestration.  Trees reduce storm-water run-off and most often protect us in storms (including hurricanes).  Trees help control temperature, reduce salinity and soil erosion, and reduce noise and air pollution.  Trees act as water filters and improve water quality, help conserve energy with their shading (something you notice big time in August in New Orleans when you are walking or running), and provide nucleii for rain and help increase rainfall.  Trees improve air quality by absorbing polluting gases and odors and filtering air particles and save water as shade from trees slows water evaporation.  And, on top of all this take a moment to consider all the trees that have made up the homes we live in, the paper we write on, and the furniture we enjoy.

I hope, in my lifetime, to continue to plant trees.  I know I will continue to enjoy them.  They are one of God’s real blessings in creation.

Until next time,



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