There are Spiritual Enemies Out There

A topic we rarely deal with in the modern church is demon possession.  Although the Gospels frequently show people possessed by demons and Jesus throwing them out, we tend not to talk about this much.  Interestingly enough, Jesus not only speaks harshly frequently to the demons but he then tells the people whom he heals they are forgiven.  Somehow it seems, at least at some early stage, the people were complicit in their possession.

Nowadays we know so much more than people did in the first century.  How much of what is described in the Gospels is mental illness?  How many are other physical disorders we would describe in a different way today?  How many are behaviors we see today but don’t know how to address?  All I know is most of us don’t seriously worry about demons today.

But I can tell you over the last thirteen years, not too infrequently, I have come across people who have gotten wrapped up in substance abuse, compulsive or impulsive behavior,  or a downward spiral of negative thoughts.  And these come from some sort of destructive behaviors they have either initiated or have experienced.  And the root of every problem goes back to some action and/or thought that they or someone they were close to got involved in yet the Bible warns us against.

I believe we are mistaken if we think we don’t need God’s protection today, maybe now as much in any day.  Never hesitate to pray for God’s protection and to pray for God’s protection of others.

The Kingdom may be at hand but this is not yet the kingdom.  Dangers lurk out there.  May God guard his flock and may we stay near to the Shepherd.

Until next time,


[Note:  This is one is a series of posts I want to make as I think back over the many people I talked with from a wide variety of walks of life over December and January].


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