Sean Payton, Dallas, and New Orleans

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton announced today that he is committed to the New Orleans Saints but that he has made a decision to move his family to Dallas.  Apparently, this is what he wanted to do in the beginning of accepting the head coaching job but it was not acceptable to Saints management.  But winning a Super Bowl and being the best head coach in Saints history does give him a little more leverage than a new head coach.

Significantly, Coach Payton said something to the effect of, “It is a family decision.  We have children entering high school.  I had to make the right decision for the family.”

On the way home, the WWL announcer said that he at first had problems with it but that he could, after all, understand.  He said that he chose to raise his family on the north shore even if he is committed to New Orleans.

I think that Coach Payton can be committed to the New Orleans Saints without being committed to New Orleans.  But for those of us who are committed to building up the region, we have to strive to make greater New Orleans a better place where everyone would want their high school children to be raised, and not just on the north shore.

And Coach Payton will find that Dallas too is not without challenges in raising high school children.

Geaux Saints.  But more than that, Geaux New Orleans!

Until Next Time,


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