A Minus of Professional Football

While I love watching football, there is an aspect of it, particularly in the pros, that makes me walking away shaking my head. These past two weeks, particularly when the Saints lost what seemed to be a “sure thing” in the playoffs, I particularly went to the sports websites of other teams thought to be in an easy win situations. I read columns focusing on the Chiefs, Falcons, and today the Patriots. They were all amazingly similar.

It doesn’t matter that the Saints, Chiefs, Falcons, and Patriots had seasons that teams like the Bengals, Bills, Panthers, and Cowboys would love to have had. It doesn’t matter that they packed their stadiums and won a great many games. Fans walk away feeling like their teams are “losers” because they lost one playoff game. Athletes talk about “what is wrong” with the team. Some even talk about wanting to move on. This is even after a number of these teams beat the same team they lost to in the regular season.

This was all illustrated to the ultimate degree one year when the Carolina Panthers were playing Patriots in the Super Bowl and basically lost on the last few plays. Jake Delhomme, a Louisiana quarterback I like, walked off the field and basically said that his team was a failure. A failure? They were one or two plays away from being the number one team. I understand wanting to win but they had a stellar season that year.

Every season there is only one team that will win the Super Bowl. For the other 31 teams, and their fans, to feel like “losers” ever year is ridiculous. And I wonder how this translates out beyond what we watch as entertainment as well.

Ok, that’s my rant for the day! I hope you all aren’t feeling like losers, regardless of who you are rooting for in whatever sport.

Until next time,



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