Coke Zero

On Sunday, I decided to go a whole day without drinking a Coke Zero, my beverage of choice for the past five years. I love it because it has no calories (the zero part) coupled with the caffeine I want with my frequently packed schedules. It also tastes like the real Coke I used to drink but tended to add to my weight. But there has always been something about Coke Zero which I have not liked.

If I drink iced tea, milk, juice, or water, I do not find myself wanting another serving twenty minutes later – which I did with Coke Zero. I don’t know what it is they put in there but I drink one and I want another. And this is especially true when I get very busy.

So, on Sunday, I succeeded in not drinking one. And I have kept it going one day at a time. Now it is Friday, and I have still bypassed it each time I would tend to grab one.

I sometimes write about the heavy issues out there but wanted to start the year with a light one! What little things do you wrestle with in your life?

Until next time,



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