In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas

Is Latin for, “”unity in necessary things; liberty in doubtful things; charity in all things” which was first written by a seventeenth century archbishop. It reminds me of a parallel word I learned in seminary (which I had never heard before then) called adiaphora. Adiaphora refers to matters not regarded as essential to faith.

What are the top five things that I find adiaphora in churches in the year 2010?
a. Which translation of the Bible we find most helpful in our faith journey.
b. The type of music in worship. The type of instrument(s) we prefer in worship.
c. If we literally remember our own baptism. If we choose baptism by immersion of by the baptismal waters being poured over you.
d. If we prefer the Lord’s Supper in the pews by passing the trays or by intinction up front.
e. Whether we choose to give to Christ’s Church in one or many places.

What are the top five things that I believe people think are non-essential to their faith, but actually are in 2010?
a. Having faith that everyone who is saved is saved by grace and salvation only comes through Jesus.
b. Responding to that grace with active worship, dialog, and involvement in a community of faith.
c. Not just caring about but doing something directly about those who are suffering in our midst.
d. Thinking God is OK with whatever state of our world we choose to pass on to our children.
e. Thinking that God doesn’t care anymore about sin in general and our sin in particular anymore.

What do you view as essential things? What is non-essential when it comes to being a Christian?

Until next time,



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