Deathly Hallows

A movie based upon a book I have already read has a double challenge to entertain me. First, I am not going to be surprised by what happens. Second, they might mess up something in the book (which I enjoyed). Nevertheless, with those two challenges before it, the movie delivered. But it surely had a different feel to it.

Without ruining the storyline (at least much since everyone should know this is the penultimate movie already) everything is now coming to a head in J.K. Rowling’s showdown between good and evil. Like many modern fantasy writers, she wants to make sure that the good guys don’t come away unscathed in their battles. Good guys die and get hurt in the movie (baddies too of course) and the tension builds and escalates.

The movie also has the feel of a set of actors who have grown up together (and we who have watched the series have seen them grow up). And you have the feel that this is the beginning of a big goodbye for all of them. We have seen the actors as children, teens, and they are all now young adults.

Most of all, the movie gave me the same kind of cultural feel that Fellowship of the Rings did when it came out (right after 9-11). Just as we did not know what was going to happen when the initial war on terror kicked off, today we do not know what is going to occur with the world economy and the latest events in Korea (more less what the outcome will be in Afghanistan). We stand on the cusp of change. What will it be? Will we be up to it? In a way, we mirror the major characters in the story. And evil is active in our world as well.

Although it isn’t developed in the story, I like the fact that Harry and Hermoine at one point stand outside of a church on Christmas Eve and hymns can be heard being sung inside.

Maybe the answer for us all is closer than we think.

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