Last night, Lesley and I were working on my parents house and came across my mother’s (and probably grandmother’s combined into it) LP collection. There are over 100 records and 95% of them are of classical piano, violin, and orchestra pieces. My mother really enjoyed Vladimir Horrowitz play and in her collection she had at least ten albums with him playing various pieces. I have not had a record player in years but might start hunting for one in consignment stores. I am curious to listen now as an adult to the music that captivated my mother. This was the music that really inspired my mother over the years. She enjoyed both playing and listening to it. I never knew she had so many albums until we cataloged them.

By contrast, I would say that stories are what have inspired me. Whereas I am going through albums, one day our kids will be going through books. A good story is what sparks my imagination. And it is hard for me to give a good book away, even when I know I am not going to read it again.

What do you collect? What inspires you? God makes us all different. But I think God wants us all to be inspired.

What do you think?



One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Your thoughts about music and books really struck me. I still have a music center for playing LP’s, discs, those little tapes, etc. I rarely use it but as long as I have recordings using these media I can’t get rid of it. Good books are also my a weakness of mine.

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