We’ve got a 85lb Labrador named Hershey. She is a devoted dog. She loves the family. She loves being an inside dog. I even think most of the time, she likes now being the only dog (most of her life we had two other dogs). But the only problem with our huge “lap dog” is she never tires of getting attention.

We can come home and she’s ready for attention. We can be eating dinner and she’s ready for attention. I can come type on my blog and she’s ready for attention. She thinks we are just the coolest people to walk the planet, which is great, but it gets tiring at times too when you just want to sit down and read or type or whatever. I wouldn’t trade her for the world but sometimes I just wish she was a tad more interested in chasing squirrels or something!

But I wonder if we all can’t be like that at times. We all want each other’s attention. And balance is always the challenge to reach. No one likes being ignored and sometimes we need to jump up and down to be “heard.”

Nevertheless, I would far rather have our overly enthusiastic Labrador than an animal who couldn’t give a care if you were home or not.

Such are my thoughts as I began to type with a big dog heavy breathing right beside me!

Until next time,



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