The Alchemist & Inception

I am leading a new reading group on Monday at noon on Paulo Coelho’s novel the Alchemist at Parkway. One of the central themes of the book is that God gives each of us an individual purpose for our life. By contrast, the current blockbuster film Inception posits that an idea (either negative or positive) can be placed in someone’s subconscious which will alter their outlook on life.

My questions are these: Are messages (possibly conscious and subconscious) being planted in our modern world which distract us from who we are called to be? Are we being diverted from our purpose? In the Alchemist, God speaks to the central character through other people. Do you think God does the same today? If so, through who, and how often? In Inception, to know they are in a dream, a character needs a totem (a personal item that they know how it will respond in the real world but will react differently in the dream world). Could there be a totem we can use to test and see if we are really following our purpose or whether we are being diverted and/or distracted?

If you would like to discuss these and the Alchemist in far more detail, come to Parkway this coming Monday at noon. We will delve into it all over a brown-bag lunch. If you can’t come, post comments & questions here on the blog.

Hope to see you,



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