Presbyterian Church (USA)- Just the Facts Edition

1. We have 2.1 million members in 10,700 congregations.  Pennsylvania has the most Presbyterians (215,379) and Maine the least (576).

2.  Half of the PC(USA) congregations have fewer than 100 members.  Only 13 congregations have more than 4,000 members.  Peachtree Presbyterian in Atlanta is the biggest with 8,806 members.  Nationally the average weekly worship attendance is 1.1 million (102 worshipers per congregation on average, unfortunately no median number was listed).

3.  59% of Presbyterians grew up in other denominations.

4.  74% of members, 80% of elders, and 86% of pastors are married.

5.  64% of members, 66% of elders, and 100% of pastors are college graduates.

6.  The median age for members and elders is 60, for pastors is 53.

7.  One third of ministers are women.

8.  85% of Presbyterians believe in life after death, 68% believe Jesus will literally return to earth at some point in the future, and 63% believe Christianity is not “equally good” but better than other world religions.

Source:  Presbyterian News (July 2010, Special Edition)


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