Yesterday, our daughter had a dance recital practice at Loyola.  I drove up there with them and got them to where they needed to be.  I spent much time on the Tulane and Loyola campuses when I was in my mid twenties.  I was commissioned into the USAF through the UNO/Tulane ROTC program, so going back brings back happy memories.

While my daughter practiced, I decided to do a little practicing of my own.  The Air National Guard is requiring me to run the mile and a half in July so I am busy working on my run time these days.  I therefore went and ran through Audubon Park on the same track I used to have to run it to pass it in ROTC.  It was interesting to run on the track I used to run on so many times over twenty years ago now.

My first reaction was nostalgia.   I missed the old days.  I missed the freedom.  I missed the discussions in class and beyond.  I missed being around twenty and thirty somethings.  I found it interesting just to watch them and listen to them as they walked by.   It reminded me of many old friends and their outlook on life when I knew them.  I also missed how fast I used to run!

But Lesley always says I have selective memory.  She says I tend to remember the good rather than the bad when I look back on my life.  And I started thinking about that.  While at that phase of my life I did enjoy the camaraderie, the positive outlook, the friends, and being faster – I didn’t have Lesley back then.  I also didn’t have my son or my daughter. I didn’t even know if the USAF would be a good fit for me.    And I had no earthly idea I would become a minister (which I know is my calling in life, but didn’t realize it back then).   I wouldn’t be at Parkway, a church I love either.  So, if I had a time machine would I go back?  No, I don’t think I would.

I guess, in the end, we can give thanks for the good times we have had.  And we can dream of the future.  But it is ever so important to appreciate the present.  Because time moves on and one day, by God’s grace, I’ll be looking back at this phase of my life too.

Do you look back at times of your life nostalgically sometime?  What are the best parts of your life today?  What do you look forward to in the future?

Just some food for thought on a Friday.

Have a good weekend,



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