Moments in Time

There are many moments in time that pass, and you don’t realize it as it is happening.  There are friends we have that the last time we say goodbye to them will be the last time we see them (at least on this side of God’s kingdom).  There are places we go that we walk out of one day and don’t realize we’ll never return there (maybe we’ll move or the place will close).  There are even groups of people (friends or at work) who gather, and when they stop meeting, even though you might see the individuals again, you won’t exactly encounter that group again.  We often think of this years later and wish, at least for a moment, to be able to go back to say “hi!” or “thank you” or “this has been really great,” but such opportunities do not readily present themselves.  I understand the whole plot of Shrek 3 revolves around the married Shrek with children thinking back and wanting to be able to go back to his life before, if just for a day.

But sometimes you do realize it as the moments are fading into the past.  This happens in hospitals.  It happens in weddings.  And it happens in graduations.  We can see change right before us and know it isn’t ever going to be just as it has been no matter what the future holds.

That surely happened to me last night when I saw my daughter graduate from Parkway Preschool.  I will forever be grateful for the wonderful education both of my children received at the preschool.  But the added perk to me was that when I went to work, for the past two years, I have been at least able to catch glimpses of my children’s lives as they were happening.  And they’d even knock on my window sometimes and wave to me.  Those moments are now history even though now I am excited for them as they both move on in elementary school.

What can we do with these moments in time, regardless of whether we sense them or not?  I think all we can do is thank God for the happy experiences he provides for us.  They are precious gifts God gives us, not for eternity, but to nourish us in a season of our lives.

At the end of those special times, it isn’t an end for our story with God.  God still has plans for us in this life and well beyond it.  The Bible tells us the Lord provides for us as long as we live, and the kingdom will one day await where all God’s people will be gathered together again.

So, in this life, we thank God for those special moments in time (when they pass or when we realize they have passed), and make sure we share our love in the present because we never know when those moments may be fading into history.

All the best and until next time,



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