The Music

One aspect of my life is that I am a writer at heart.  I know this probably is no big shock to anyone who knows me.  I write blogs.  I write emails.  I write letters to the editor.  And most of all I write sermons.  Every sermon I present for 15 minutes is one I have spent hours writing.

There are only two things I need to write – a comfy chair and music.  The music I play in the background (oftentimes soundtracks w/o words) sets the tone and the atmosphere for what I am writing.  This small part of my life is an aspect of something much more important.

Over fifty percent of Christians indicate that in worship music is the primary way that they experience God.  From the earliest times, we see music integral to worship.  The Book of Psalms, surely one of the most popular books in the Bible, is actually a hymn book.  Do you ever remember a service that moved you without music?

Earlier this year, we had a class here at Parkway called, “Theology in Contemporary Music.”  It drew in a wide variety of folks including some who had never been to church in a while.  Sunday before last we also hosted the University of Dubuque Choir.  It easily was one of the most moving services I have seen in years.

The question is how can we increasingly integrate ‘the music’ into who we are as Christians in the world today?  How can we tap into what is so relevant to so many to get the message out?  How can our music be one of our primary offerings to God?

What music moves you?  How has your house of worship integrated it into their mission and their message?  Which artists really speak to you?  Where do you look for new sources of inspiration musically?

Just some food for thought on a warm summer afternoon.

All the best,



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