Today was my 436th sermon.  Here are some random stats:

Time in the pulpit:  15 years (including seminary).

City most sermons preached in:  Fort Worth/Haltom City

Air Force base most sermons preached:  Wright-Patterson Chapel 1

Longest Sermon:  40 minutes at the Inspirational Gospel Service at Barksdale AFB (and they thought that was short!).

Shortest Sermon:  4 minutes at Wright-Patterson AFB’s Good Friday “Seven Last Words of Christ.”

Pulpit shortest distance from seminary:  Sharp, TX (a rural 19th century church building whose electricity was only a couple of electric light bulbs).

Pulpit greatest distance from seminary:  Camp Justice Chapel overseas (deployed).

Old Testament sermons (120) v. New Testament Sermons (316)

Book of the Bible I’ve preached the most from:  Matthew.

The New Testament writer who has had the most influence:  Luke (writing both Luke and Acts).

The Old Testament figure that I have preached the most sermons about – David, both in his stories and with his writings in the Psalms.

Most common stories that have generated multiple sermons:  Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ baptism, the Transfiguration, and Jesus’ resurrection.

Most unusual garb preaching:  Roman Centurion uniform

Most unusual format:  I played the prosecutor, defender, and judge in a sermon using different colored baseball caps to show which character I was.

Largest attendance:  300 at Chapel 2 at Randolph AFB.

Lowest attendance:  12 on a snow day at WPAFB.

My hope:  That I’ll get a chance to preach 436 more.

Until next time,



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