Miriam Webster – definition 2 of hybrid : a person whose background is a blend of two diverse cultures or tradition.

I absolutely identify with this definition.  Especially if I could tweek it to say “two or more.”

How I am a hybrid?  I enjoy military service, but I also enjoy my civilian life.  I love my hometown of New Orleans.  But I also greatly value my time away from the city.  I am a Presbyterian.  Yet, I feel it was theologically enriching and vital to have spent part of my life outside of the Presbyterian church.  I am conservative when it comes to origins (I see tremendous value in our past, ‘warts and all’, love reading history, and believe some moral, patriotic, and intellectual greats are a part of all of our heritage).  I am a liberal when it comes to applying our blessings (I see us viewing ourselves as more generous than we often actually are, especially today).   I am a Calvinist when it comes to human nature.  I believe we have a ‘design flaw’ and it manifests itself in different ways in each of us.  Yet, I also believe that together we can help guard against these flaws and reach great heights. I think the Bible is God’s Word to us.  But I think we miss the point if we read many parts of it too literally.  I think we are living in a pivotal age.  Yet, I think in this age we are letting go of important parts of our heritage.   I love time by myself to read, think, and write.  Yet, the most important experiences I have is with others.

Do you view yourself as a hybird?  Do you see different parts of your heritage, experience, and views as diverse but also mixing together?

Food for thought on Easter Tuesday.



One thought on “Hybrid

  1. I can relate to the hybrid feeling. I’ve heard it called the ‘tension of the opposites’…the duality of our nature. In the most basic physical sense, it is observable in the fact we have two separate lobes that make our brains; quite capable of handling themselves…with and without each other. Yet somehow we exist with two minds in our head.

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