Shutter Island

I wrote in an earlier blog that I plan to write about scifi movies/books once per week.  Shutter Island isn’t science fiction exactly but it’s what I read (not watched) over my 3 days in Texas and so I thought I would share some thoughts here.  It doesn’t take place on an alien world but it is an alien environment!  And I won’t give away the ending but I still would stop reading at this point if you plan to either read the book or watch the movie.

The setting couldn’t be any spookier, it is set on an island that is an insane asylum for the most violent of the mentally ill.  The protagonist is attempting to solve the case of a missing patient while wrestling with his own demons (loss of his father as a child and his wife as an adult along with some PTSD from WW2 to boot).

It is not an easy read but it is a page turner.  And, in the end, I think it has an important message to it as well about the way we handle mental illness in our society.  Why is it more shameful to have mental issues than to have stomach issues or lung issues?  Yet, we commonly think it is.  And how many would seriously try to fix heart trouble at home?  Yet, too often, that is how we try to handle mental illness.

In the Bible, Jesus didn’t run away from the demon possessed.  He felt compelled to try to help them.

But don’t take my  take on the book to mean this is a sermonizing novel.  It isn’t.  It’s a thriller.  But the message is there.

And it earns an R rating too so it is not for those who are looking for a “Murder She Wrote” type thriller.

I don’t know how the movie will turn out but the book was hard to put down.

All the best,



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