Multiple Choice

Who is Jesus?

a.  Savior

b.  Lord / Sovereign / Divine

c.  Inspirer and Guide

d.  Teacher

e.  All of the Above

We’ve all heard the old joke about the guy doing the children’s sermon who asks the kids, “What’s gray with a big fluffy tale?”  And a kid answers, “Jesus.”  “Jesus?”  the guy repeats surprised.  “Well, it really sounds like a squirrel but everything ends up being Jesus in these stories.”

When we go down the question at the top, just like the kid in the joke, we know to choose “All of the Above.”  But I wonder if we don’t think (“but ‘a’ is really the best answer).  I wonder if we focus so much on Jesus being our Savior (which he of course is) that we stop trying to be his followers and live like he taught us to live.

While Jesus’ death on the cross was imperative for us, he didn’t start his life on that cross.  He spent much more time telling parables and teaching us how to live than he spent dying for us.  Will we take the time to learn and apply those lessons to our lives?

If we really believe the answer is “All of the Above” then that should be reflected in who we are today.

All the best,



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