Pandora, Hercules, and Momus

Around this time of year when I was growing up,  I would be getting excited about the Mardi Gras season approaching.  Near our home and school, there were two parades in particular that were exciting to us, Pandora and Hercules.  They would come up Paris Avenue and turn around and come back up to Robert E. Lee boulevard.  What this meant was that if we were in the neutral ground (which we made sure we were) my brother and I could get bombarded with doubloons and beads from both sides.  Another particularly fun parade was Momus, always on a Thursday night, uptown.  The floats would poke fun at something and were funny and they had the flambeaus, boys with spike metal poles with fire on the end of them.  We enjoyed them each year.

Unfortunately, all these parades are history now.  But I am still excited as Mardi Gras approaches.  There are new parades out there (and old ones that weren’t a part of our family tradition at the time).  I am looking forward to getting into a new routine with our kids so they’ll have some fun to remember when they are an adult one day sitting in a coffee house.

What traditions in your community would you like to see passed on to your family or children around you?

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One thought on “Pandora, Hercules, and Momus

  1. Although not a parent the family tradition that I would value being revived is regular church attendance. Now, it is my expectation and hope that I would respond this way whether or not I were a Minister of Word and Sacrament.

    As a child my family attended church every Sunday and each of the kids were expected to attend unless we were sick. This didn’t just include Worship . . . back then it inclulded Sunday School, Pioneers/Youth Group and Sunday Vespers. It also included Bible Study and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nigths.

    We even attended Worship and Church School when we were visiting grandparents (New Orleans and Laurel) and on vacation — although most of our vacations were spent with grandparents.

    I don’t think my family was much different than any of the other families in the small community where I grew up. Most folks attended the church of their choice (and we had most mainline denominations ceovered) and even one house chuch.

    Unfortunately Worship and Christian Education/Spiritual Formation seems to have become just anotheran option among a myraid of options; rather than the grateful and faithful pattern of response to the grace that God gifted to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

    Grace and peace,


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