After Twilight…

Last night I finished off the book Twilight and since I started writing about it in my blog, I thought I’d finish it while it is still fresh in my mind.  Since my impressions aren’t connected together, I’ll write it in a list format:

a.  Vampires:  I think, in the end, the reason why this resonates, particularly with teenagers, is that it affirms something most every teenager wants to do and that is pick their own partner.  “Hey Bob, meet Sue, she’s a straight A student and she sings in the youth choir”  “Hey Angela, meet Brad, he’s a community service activist and an Eagle Scout!”   Things that make parents smile do not always make their teen children smile.  The vampire asks the lead, “What if I’m the bad guy?”  She responds, “I’m ok with that.”  It might be especially ok if Mom and Dad and principal and teacher would not give them a stamp of automatic approval.  Mix in that they are desirable to others and initially a challenge to connect with (it’s no fun if it is too easy) and you’ve got a good formula for romance.

b.   Female Protagonist & Female Writer:   Meyers, toward the end of the story, develops a pretty good truly “bad guy” that the supposed bad guy, but really good guy (I mean vampire) has to square off against.  There is a great hunt.  There is much posturing.  And then, the bad guy catches the protagonist.  He’s just about to get her when the good guys (vampires) arrive and then….she passes out.  Next scene is them talking about what they were feeling before, during, and after the fight.  If a guy had written it, the fight itself would have taken up the lion’s share of the writing.  It was a noticeable contrast.

c.  First person writing:  I find this to be an effective mode of writing.  I am also reading Dune right now which jumps between characters.  It gives you a multilayered story which makes you think a lot but it takes time to adjust when you jump between characters.  By contrast, Twilight is a page turner because you see it all from a single perspective.

d.  Hope:  The world doesn’t really know what to hope for.  The protagonist at the end yearns to be a vampire so she can be with her love forever.  At first that might sound good but it would end up like groundhog day after awhile.  Life without a Creator would end up being dull and pointless.  Relationships, even our most significant ones, are enhanced with God in the picture.  Without God nothing lasts.

Will I read Book 2?  Maybe.  But then again, there are lots of books out there I hope to read one day.

All the best,



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