Beginnings are such delicate things…

I am reading Frank Herbert’s scifi classic “Dune.”  Even though I liked scifi ever since I was a teen (probably pre-teen if I can include “Johnny Quest”!) I was not attracted to Dune initially.  I was a kid from the swamplands and a story about people on a desert planet didn’t captivate me.  I did go and see the movie but didn’t like it much either.

In 2007 though, when perusing the discount table at Borders in Dayton, I saw a hardback copy on sale for $5.  The reviews on it were stellar, “Nothing like it except perhaps Lord of the Rings” wrote Arthur C. Clark.  So I decided to give it another try.

As an adult, I find the novel much much more interesting.  Herbert does what writers aren’t supposed to do – tell you what the characters are thinking.  In writing class they often implore you to convey thoughts and emotions through actions.  But Herbert puts you in the “head” of different characters and spends much time explaining their thought process.  I like it.

In one key scene, two of the protagonist have been thrown out of hearth and home but are picked up by potential allies.  One thinks to herself about the importance of what they say and do because “beginnings are such delicate things.”

The same can be said about changes in life in general.  When the past is fading away but the future is unknown, so much can go right or go wrong by what is said or done.  Perceptions and potential misperceptions have to be thought through.  We have to be at our best.

One thing the Bible assures us though is that we are not alone.  No matter how delicate the situation, God is still God and he never forsakes us.

Let us all turn to him, especially during change, transitions, and futures yet unknown.  He will guide us through it all.

In Christ,

Tom Paine


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