Long time, no blog

Your intrepid blogger and gotten bogged down (blogged down maybe) due to lots of church and military duty.  But the blog is not forgotten and I hope to pick back up the posts as November progresses.

Solomon’s adage from Ecclesiastes comes to mind – ‘there is a time or a season for everything, and a purpose under heaven.’

The only thing that gives me pause about getting busy has nothing to do with blogs.  I really feel that we can make moral errors when we are very busy.  Criminals use this technique all the time.  Get one person to fill the victim’s attention while the other picks his pocket.  How often do we miss something God is telling us to do or not do because “we’re busy”?

I am sure the busyness will do nothing but increase for all of us as our jobs don’t stop but Thanksgiving and Christmas approach.  Let’s all get it done to the best we can but also be aware that we shouldn’t rush through life so much that we are missing people to help or actions to take.

All the best,



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