Humility, Pride, and Leadership

We are not a society that lifts up humility very often.  As a matter of fact, we like to talk about what we are proud about rather than those who are humble.  Nevertheless, there is a time when humility is embraced with wild abandon in our culture – that is when we are called to lead.  Lead?  Who me?  Oh, I wouldn’t be good at that.  Really?

God gives us all kinds of experience in life.  Sometimes it is for our own growth.  I can think of many times that I thought something was “rock solid true” and God showed me that it isn’t always so.  When we get up on our high horse, sometimes God likes to nudge us and show us that what we think of as high isn’t so high after all.  And, I believe when we listen, we are better people for it (as long as we don’t get proud that we learned so much!).

Sometimes though God gives us experience for the benefit of others.  God shows us how to do something, how to solve something, and even what we shouldn’t do.  It may not apply in our personal lives.  But the experiences certainly can be a blessing to others.  And they will unless when we are asked to lead we take the, “Aw shucks, me? I can’t really do that” approach.

Sometimes we are called to follow.  Sometimes we are called to lead.  May we have the courage and the wisdom to be able to do both.

Until next time,



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