This morning on Facebook, a high school friend posted our senior pictures.  It brought back good memories and an eye roll when I saw myself.  I can’t believe either that I ever had that much hair or that I wanted to have that much hair!

As I went through the pictures it struck me that for almost half of the class, I haven’t seen them since graduation and have no idea where they are now.  It surely wasn’t our intent walking off of that graduation platform to lose track of one another but such is life.  Our paths were all on different courses at that point.

Now a totally different story but one that parallels.  Last night, we hosted a mission group from Gwynedd Square Presbyterian in our home.  Gwynedd Square was the church my wife was serving in Lansdale, PA when we began dating.  They were so nice and supportive back then and many traveled cross-country to come to our wedding.  It was so good seeing some of them again.  And we especially appreciate that they again traveled cross country, this time to help rebuild New Orleans.

We never know when we make friends how long we will see them and be with them.  When we part, we don’t know if we’ll get to see them again.

Let’s make the time with our friends count.  And let’s make the effort, when we can, to reconnect as time goes by.

All the best,



One thought on “Friends

  1. Some of my friends on Facebook I haven’t seen at all since 1961; others I have seen only a few times since then. I think it is invaluable to speak to someone who knew me before I became a sexagenarian. We had differences then–we have different differences now–but knowing where each other came from so long ago lends oversight as to how we became who we are now.

    Also, it was some of these same friends who, via e-mail, who have kept in touch with me during the rougher times such as Katrina and so much more.

    There is a sentiment to letter writing and many believe that is the better way to communicate. When long distance became affordable and ordinary, my seniors disdained it as a detour around dropping a line or two. But, perhaps someday, the e-mails of the earlier part of the 21st century will be treasures unto themselves.

    Thanks to all who share. As ever, Nancy Cowan

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