New Eyes

This has been a long, but good, three weeks.  I worked for a week, went off for an ANG drill weekend, worked for another week, then we hosted a regional church body, and then I worked for another week until today.  It so happens that my son also got today off as it is a public school holiday.  I was ready for a break.

So, I can’t say I was exactly excited when my wife said, “Our son has been waiting to go to the Insectarium.”  The what?  Apparently, downtown, there is now a museum for insects.  I have never been much of a museum person to start off with and insects aren’t exactly a compelling issue for me either.  But sometimes, as they say, “mother knows best.”

After dragging my feet a bit (I mowed the lawn and did some other chores around the house while our son played on my computer) we headed off.  It took a bit to find it but we did and we had a ball.  The museum is designed with kids in mind and has all kind of information that is interesting for adults (I had no idea how central insects are in the cycle of life) and all kind of “neat” and “gross” and “cool” things for a little guy.

But the most fun was watching my son interact with not only the displays but the other visitors there.  We went through the museum twice and the second time he acted as a default tour guide much to the delight of both parents and kids.  I think the staff was ready to put him on the payroll.

I could have been given free tickets to the museum of my choice and wouldn’t have had as much fun as I had with him today.  Sometimes there is more waiting for us than we expect when we head off on a venture.

The perpetual challenge of adults is not to lose the wonder of God’s creation (and what many of God’s children have dreamed up).

I hope my and other children can always keep me on track as I get older.

All the best,



One thought on “New Eyes

  1. ah – the atttraction of mini-beasts (as they call them over here, in an effort to make insects sound more interesting) is not to be underestimated

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