Michael Vick, Evil, and Providence

Most people believe God is involved in our lives.  We thank God for our blessings.  We also ask him to help us through hard times.  But the problem that often nags at us is the reality of evil.  If God is omniscient, omnipresent, and the power behind all power, then why doesn’t he just wipe evil out of the equation?

The only answer that makes sense to me is that there are some in the evil category that would get wiped out if God did it today that God still wants to be saved.  It’s the only answer I could ever figure.  But I am also beginning to think there might be a second reason as well.

I listened on the radio last night to a show on dog fighting.  The host was interviewing a former gang banger who was heavily involved in dog fighting.  He related how frequently the illegal drugs trade and things like dog fighting go hand in hand.  Covert dog fights net tens of thousands of dollars.  At one top fight, the purse went into the six figure range.

Then the former gang member said, “But you know, it all changed with Michael Vick.  It used to be, we’d be walking out of a fight with bleeding dogs and the cops would stop us.  But all they were looking for was drugs.  If we had none, they’d ask us which dog won the fight.  But now, after Vick?  Folks are getting arrested left, right, and center for dog fighting.  You don’t see nearly the number of fights that you used to see.”  It might sound odd but Vick (with no initial intention to do so) has saved many dogs.  The second reason for allowing evil might be that it calls on us to respond to it.

Trying to figure out evil can only go so far.  Evil is chaotic and goes against the order of the universe and our Creator.

But anytime we find ourselves saying, “Why did this happen?”  Maybe instead we should be asking ourselves, “Why did we let a situation like this develop and what can we do to make sure it never happens again?”

Just some food for thought on a Friday.

All the best,



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